Tony Bennett


Due to policy changes advanced by me, including the eliminations of lifetime health insurance

for commissioners, I have literally save you, the taxpayer, millions of dollars.  I believe this

alone is reason enough to ask for your vote.


Having well maintained roads and bridges is vital to the County.  Not overpaying for them

is also important.  By consistently advocating for a focus on "needs" and not

​"wants", I have saved you, the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Your vehicle tab fees are already expensive.  I'm the only sitting commissioner to vote

against adding a new County tax to this fee.


Economic development is important. But when a large corporation wants money

for something it would have done anyway, that is a waste of your money.  

I'm the only sitting commissioner to vote against giving large corporations

your money.


I do not seek nor accept campaign donations because I don't want anyone to

believe I owe them my vote.  Nor do I belong to any clubs or organizations

because I want to advocate for you, the taxpayer, not for the agenda of any

group or organization.